You can read our customers’ experiences with the Profi Fyto+Enzym® dietary supplement here.

Jiří, Plzeň

„I started using the Profi Fyto+Enzym dietary supplement after surgery for complicated leg fractures associated with swelling, bruising and scarring. As soon as I began using it, I noticed a faster remission of swelling and bruises, and my foot healed well. I did not have any complications. On the contrary, overall I feel physically better than before I used the product.“

Dagmar, Děčín

„My experience has been excellent, because after only just a few days of use, I was able to lie on my right shoulder for a much longer time than before, which was not previously possible without pain medication. I hope everything just continues to improve.“

Věra, Ostrava

„For 10 years I’ve had big problems with my joints and movement. Most of all with my knee and hip joints and the small knuckles of my hands. A few months ago, I could not even go to the store across the street anymore, even on my crutches. I received a recommendation to use, in addition to my medicine, a diet supplement with enzymes called Profi Fyto+Enzym. Soon my performance improved. I can still only walk with crutches, but I get a lot of things done. I can drive and my friends no longer have to go shopping for me. I am very grateful for this recommendation.“

Lenka, Jindřichův Hradec

„A few months ago I underwent knee surgery (arthroscopy) due to a torn part of the meniscus, and then, on the recommendation of my colleague, I began using the Profi Fyto+Enzym dietary supplement. After less than a month I went to work in full shape. I work as a nurse in a hospital ward, so it’s not a sedentary job. I believe this product helped me a lot and I can only recommend it.“

Libuše, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

„I used the Profi Fyto+Enzym dietary supplement after a knee injury, which happened when my St. Bernard put his weight on me in an awkward way and damaged my knee. I used it for two months and it helped me immensely. The movement of my knee improved and the swelling disappeared, it is now much better than before."“

Josef, Cheb

„I was very surprised by the effect of the Profi Fyto+Enzym supplement on my frozen shoulder. I was very relieved. The effect also manifested itself in my knee, which had been causing me problems whenever there was any change of weather. I bought Profi Fyto+Enzym again for longer use (3 packs) and I can recommend it for eradicating joint and muscle problems, because it helped me.“

Evžen, Tábor

„I have been using the Profi Fyto+Enzym supplement relatively briefly, just for two months, but I can definitely give a positive evaluation to the relief from unpleasant problems with my hip joint. A doctor will assess the actual condition at my next exam and x-ray, but subjectively, I feel much better.“

Helena, Vyškov

„I am 45 years old and I suffered a knee injury after which I used the Profi Fyto+Enzym dietary supplement twice a day, one tablet of each, as recommended in the product leaflet. I can confirm that the very unpleasant condition of my stiffened muscles, which limited my movement, has subsided to a bearable state. I really think I will buy another package and I hope it will help me to even more natural and safer movement – so I can get to my feet without the help of my hands!“

Miroslav, Brno

„After long-term problems with my right shoulder, I followed some good advice and began taking the Profi Fyto+Enzym dietary supplement. I already noticed positive results when I was using the first package, and that is why I decided to continue using it, and I don’t regret it.”

Olga, Praha

„"In June of 2014 I underwent knee surgery and since then (8 months) I have had a constant, visible swelling, both above the knee and to the side. Neither a splint nor applying ice helped – only temporarily. Following the recommendation of an expert, I bought the Profi Fyto + Enzyme supplement for 3 weeks of use, and started using it right away. Something unbelievable happened: the swelling began to disappear immediately. After three weeks, I had no swelling anymore. It has been a month since I stopped using the product, and the swelling has not returned. 8 months of swelling and discomfort, and after taking Profi Fyto+Enzym, I have no swelling at all. Thank you very much and I recommend this product to everyone.;“