About the product

The first-rate dietary supplement Profi Fyto+Enzym®(FytoEnzym) is a complex and enhanced enzyme preparation. It contains a unique combination of enzymes with plant extracts.

  • New, plant-extract enhanced enzymes
  • For your health, an active lifestyle and overall well-being
  • Economic packaging saves money: 2 products for the price of 1
  • 60 capsules + 60 tablets only 790 CZK
  • Easy to use and convenient dosage
  • Verified customer satisfaction results

NEW: New formula and ENTEROSOLVENT film coating of ENZYM tablets

The new ENTEROSOLVENT (dissolving in the intestines) ENZYM tablet film coating (2nd bottle of Profi Fyto+Enzym®) provides protection for the enzymes from inactivation in the acidic environment of the stomach. The tablet coating dissolves in the slightly alkaline environment of the small intestine where it releases its contents. This ensures the maximum activation of the enzymes. The tablets are swallowed whole and swallowed with a larger amount (200-250 ml) of water.<!–

We have also modified the composition of the enzymes in the ENZYM tablets. The tablets are smaller and easier to swallow. Meanwhile, the enzyme activity has remained constant or is greater than in the original formula.

Enzymes with plant extracts



Profi Fyto+Enzym® dietary supplement is a complex and enhanced enzymatic preparation. It contains a unique combination of enzymes and plant extracts. It is easy and convenient to use (4-6 tablets/day) at an affordable price (from 26 CZK/day). The plant extracts it contains favorably affect joints, muscles, the microcirculation of blood and your overall physical well-being. For a quicker and smoother return to a normal life and activities.